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The man who grasps principles can successfully handle his own methods.
Therefore, the man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.

The famous philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.



You are not alone!  Firstly, there is a constant stream of weight loss programmes and meal plans in the media.  They all have their individual claims, such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World, BodyCoach etc.  It’s no surprise that the general public are confused!

Secondly, we are not claiming that these programmes cannot be successful, as they can all work for a period of time.  They are simply methods of creating an Energy Deficit.  They can however be very restrictive & rigid methods, and research shows that rigid weight loss plans can lead to less adherence.  As a result, this can lead to reduced success compared to a flexible approach.

In contrast, the Surrey Nutritionist, we will teach you the PRINCIPLE of weight management.  This is Energy Balance (the law of thermodynamics).  This means, a calorie deficit is required for weight loss and a calorie surplus for weight gain.  Sounds simple right? But adopting the right method of achieving this is very bespoke to you as an individual.  There is ‘no one size fits all’ where weight loss is concerned! Getting this right, using a flexible method that suits you and your lifestyle, will result in greater adherence and the achievement of your goals and put an end to that on/off plan mindset that many of us have.

Below is a very simple diagram showing Energy Balance. Energy In = Energy Out which would result in weight maintenance.  In reality, the process is not quite as simple as the diagram itself.  However, there is much more information and detail surrounding Energy Balance.  If you work with me, I will share this with you as part of your Nutrition education.


We provide 1 to 1 Coaching at our Clinic on the Farnham, Surrey/Aldershot, Hampshire border).  Also, we offer worldwide Online Coaching via video call for Weight Loss Nutrition.

The Surrey Nutritionist can help anyone and everyone with a Weight Loss goal.  In fact, you certainly don’t need to be on a ‘plan’ to achieve this, and although not exhaustive, our specialities include:-

  • Over 40’s
  • PCOS sufferers (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Type II Diabetes & Pre Diabetes
  • IBS-C & IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • High Cholesterol / Cardio Vascular

The Surrey Nutritionist use an evidence-based approach to your nutrition.  Therefore, this empowers you to embrace a healthy way of living through the foods you enjoy and the life you lead.  Hence, our ethos is to not restrict food groups and encourage a healthy balanced diet of foods that you actually enjoy eating. By building a foundation of knowledge to your diet, this is a key starting point to any successful weight management programme. Also, your general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, lifestyle and any medical conditions will all be taken into account prior to creating your tailored Nutrition programme.

Drop us a message to see how we could assist with your weight loss endeavours.

Weight Loss Energy Balance Calories

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