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    • Eat what you track…. NOT track what you eat, then there is less margin for error
    • You only need the Free version, not the Premium
    • The Free version only allows you to input macro percentages not grams into your Goals. Google and download FOODFASTFIT Chrome Extension (or similar), then you can input grams.

  • At the foot of each day’s diary there is a Nutrition tab. Click on this and then change the Calories tab to ‘week view’ rather than ‘ day view’. This allows you to access your calorie target for the week rather than just day to day.
  • When you are in your diary page you can only see the calories for each food item. Turn your phone sideways and voila, you can see all the macro splits for each item!
  • When adding foods, try to scan packaging as much as is possible to ensure better accuracy. Lots of manual entries on MFP are incorrect as they have been entered by users just like us! Even when scanning, check and adjust accordingly the Serving Size as this could be per portion or per pack
  • An easy way to hit your protein target is to pre-plan your protein sources for breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you eat all 3) in advance and then fill the remaining calories with fats & carbs.
  • When dining out, many of the branded restaurants have their foods listed on MFP, so search for the restaurant name. If you are in a non-branded restaurant and are ‘guestimating’ calories, always try to chose a higher calorie option on MFP rather than the lowest available one, to create a margin for error in the right direction.
  • Remember to track your cooking oils and fats, they do add up considerably!