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cooking on a budget
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Nutritionist Tips for Cooking on a Budget

Nutritionist tips for cooking on a budget

How to cook a 3 course meal for 8 with a Lidl £1.50 Veg Box – Metro article

Nutritionist, Polly Hartley shares her top tips for cooking on a budget:-

  • You don’t need to always buy fresh food, it can be expensive and only seasonal
  • If you do buy fresh vegetables, chopping and putting in freezer bags helps to reduce waste
  • You can freeze fresh fruit too, like grapes (which are delicious eaten frozen, a bit like sorbet) or peel and chop bananas and freeze to use in smoothies or again eat frozen as a snack (a bit like ice cream)
  • Frozen and canned foods are fantastic and often retain more nutrients than fresh as they are frozen shortly after harvesting. Read More Nutritionist Tips for Cooking on a Budget