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cooking on a budget
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Nutritionist Tips for Cooking on a Budget

Nutritionist tips for cooking on a budget

How to cook a 3 course meal for 8 with a Lidl £1.50 Veg Box – Metro article

Nutritionist, Polly Hartley shares her top tips for cooking on a budget:-

  • You don’t need to always buy fresh food, it can be expensive and only seasonal
  • If you do buy fresh vegetables, chopping and putting in freezer bags helps to reduce waste
  • You can freeze fresh fruit too, like grapes (which are delicious eaten frozen, a bit like sorbet) or peel and chop bananas and freeze to use in smoothies or again eat frozen as a snack (a bit like ice cream)
  • Frozen and canned foods are fantastic and often retain more nutrients than fresh as they are frozen shortly after harvesting. Read More Nutritionist Tips for Cooking on a Budget
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Lidl £1.50 Veg Box – Metro article



While dinner parties might not be possible right now, we’re looking forward to lots of entertaining once this is all over. And if you want to cater for people on a budget, this Nutritionist has managed to cook up a three-course meal for eight by spending just £1.50 with a Lidl Veg Box.

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