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All appointments (excluding Nutrilogy) can be held in person, via FaceTime or Skype.



This can be a one-off consultation (in person or via Skype) & programme, or can be complemented with as many follow-up sessions as you wish. Prior to our meeting or Skype Call, I will ask you to complete our Pre-Consultation Form together with a Food Diary.Read More…

In our first session, we’ll spend 60-90 minutes together and I’ll do a full assessment to really get to know you. We’ll explore your relationship with food and body image, your diet history, eating patterns, health habits, medical history and exercise/activity. We will talk about your goals and develop a strategy to help you reach them.

Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes commitment and support to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I’ll be there, if required, for ongoing support and accountability as you make health and nutrition changes.

Within one week I will send over your nutrition programme, where I explain my evidence-based recommendations and answer any questions you may have. It’s important for you to understand why you are making changes, as this leaves you empowered to take them on your journey.

After the initial consultation, you can decide whether or not you require any additional sessions.




If you don’t wish to commit to one of our Packages, our 30 minute Follow-Up Consultations (in person or via Skype) are designed to assess your progress and make adjustments where necessary. It’s up to you to decide how often you want to check-in with us, but we recommend these sessions to take place weekly or fortnightly for optimal results. You will receive feedback notes after each session. 

Premier & Premier+

£399 to £799

Premier is our 3 month package and Premier+ is 6 months.  These packages enable you to fully focus and commit to achieving your goals with our support.  The packages include our Initial Consultation ‘Starters’ (in person or via Skype) + Bi-Weekly ‘Essentials’ review sessions. Read More…

We will have a shared online tracking document that I will monitor and assess, in between our review sessions, against your goals.  You can also Whatsapp me anytime between sessions with any nutrition related questions as well as unlimited email support (with a guaranteed response within 24 hours).

At our review consultations, we can discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments, and I can also advise on exercise/activity strategies to complement your nutrition.  These programmes represents a significant saving, compared to purchasing the services separately.  For in-person clients, the Premier+ 24 month package also includes 3 Harpenden Skinfold Sessions at weeks 1, 12 and 24.




COMING SOON….. Exciting news!! Nutrilogy is our Online Group Education Programme covering Nutrition, Fat Loss & Mindset. This is an affordable alternative to working with us on a one to one basis. As it’s an online Programme, you can join this programme from anywhere in the World!  Read More…

You will be provided with individual macros and food ideas based around your food preferences and lifestyle. You will become a Member of a Private Facebook Group where we will host an online weekly private Q&A session, share recipes, tips and celebrate your successes.  All members will have a shared primary goal of Fat Loss and the Group provides great support and encouragement for everyone. We will educate you on the fundamentals of Nutrition, Fat Loss and Mindset, teaching you the techniques and strategies required for long term success.

Eligibility to join the Group, will be:-

You want to succeed

You are willing join the Private Facebook Group

Follow your macros (calories)

Track your food on MyFitnessPal

Ideally own a fitness tracker.


Harpenden Skinfolds
Body Fat Measurement


Using the Gold Standard Harpenden Skinfold Calipers, we can take skinfold readings to track body fat levels more accurately. Often the scales do not tell the full story, so this can be a very useful and motivating tool.

Skinfold readings take approximately 60 minutes to perform. This is not a one-off service as it will show progress over time; we recommend every 8-12 weeks to monitor progress.

During our sessions, I can also advise on exercise/activity strategies to complement your nutrition.

Although I am experienced in resistance training and fitness, I am not yet a qualified PT, so I am unable to provide physical training plans. I have a directory of Personal Trainers all over the UK and Internationally, who I personally know and trust, if this is something that interests you.