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Nutritionist Tips for Cooking on a Budget

cooking on a budget

Nutritionist tips for cooking on a budget

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Nutritionist, Polly Hartley shares her top tips for cooking on a budget:-

  • You don’t need to always buy fresh food, it can be expensive and only seasonal
  • If you do buy fresh vegetables, chopping and putting in freezer bags helps to reduce waste
  • You can freeze fresh fruit too, like grapes (which are delicious eaten frozen, a bit like sorbet) or peel and chop bananas and freeze to use in smoothies or again eat frozen as a snack (a bit like ice cream)
  • Frozen and canned foods are fantastic and often retain more nutrients than fresh as they are frozen shortly after harvesting.
  • In particular, frozen veg and fruits like berries are delicious, convenient, versatile, cheaper and produce less waste
  • Roasting frozen vegetables, flavouring with spices and a little olive oil is a great way to be creative in the kitchen.  Just grab a handful of a few different frozen vegetables and pop straight in the oven for 20 minutes
  • Canned legumes, like beans/peas/lentils/chickpeas are great to add to one pot meals or salads.  High in fibre, a source of protein, filling, inexpensive and protective of our heart health.  Trying to incorporate legumes several times per week is going to be a huge benefit
  • Batch cooking is a good way to save money, time, stress and prevent waste.  Dedicate a couple of hour each week
  • Meal planning can help with cost as you can then prepare a shopping list and avoid unnecessary purchases
  • Empty your store cupboard and see what you can create from what you already have.  We often have those items lurking in the back of the cupboards that end up going our of date
  • Eat the rainbow.  Try to introduce colour to every meal!