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Is Sarcopenia Inevitable?


Sarcopenia.  Have you even heard of it? Is it inevitable? Well, yes unfortunately, but us oldies can certainly take measures to slow that mofo down!!!! (Skip to the bottom to find out….)


As we get older, we face the inevitable loss of reduction in our physical health. One age-related illness is sarcopenia which is characterised by a loss of muscle.


Sarcopenia has a direct effect on muscle strength, body composition, risk of injury as well as our overall health.

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Vitamin D
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Vitamin D Supplements for Adults & Children

Vitamin D Supplements

What is it Vitamin D?

Do you need Vitamin D Supplements? Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is integral in calcium and phosphorus metabolism, to maintain healthy bones, reduce fracture risk, teeth, and muscles. It has been shown to improve muscle strength and performance even without exercise, so it’s important for those less mobile. It facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the intestines, through the gut wall and into the bloodstream.  If your  levels are too low, the absorption of calcium from the gut can be reduced, by up to 90%.


Studies suggest that deficiency is associated with cardio vascular health issues.  There also seems to be consistent evidence showing there is a relationship between vitamin D and mental health.

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