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About Us

Polly Hartley

Polly Hartley Surrey Nutritionist

About Surrey Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Polly and I’m here to help people to look, feel and perform better!

I have a huge passion for health & fitness and as well as working with clients, I love weight training at the gym and optimising my own nutrition.  Helping and educating clients gives me so much joy, seeing them succeed with their goals and achieve great things.  The right guidance can change peoples’ lives…fact!

Being in this industry has shown me that anything is possible in terms of body composition change and that great progress can be achieved with the right help and guidance, no matter your age, sex or current  composition.

I’m originally from Lancashire but have lived in the South since 1992! I have a wonderful daughter and also a gorgeous little grandson who I adore.  I have a little dog called Pookie, she’s a Yorkipoo and 12 years old, although she looks and acts like a puppy, even with her arthritic legs, poor thing.   I love going on holiday with my friends and family and am a bit of a sun worshipper.  My favourite regular destinations are Ibiza and Tenerife.

My nutrition practice is based on the border of Farnham & Aldershot.  I offer both personal nutrition consultations at my Clinic and travel throughout Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire and I also coach clients Online worldwide on a 121 basis.

I am a fully insured, evidence-based MNU Certified Nutritionist and studied with the world acclaimed Mac Nutrition Uni, where I passed with a Distinction.  I also won the Teacher’s Pet Award!!! (not sure whether this is a good or bad thing!)

If you would like a chat about how I could help you achieve your goals, drop me a message to arrange a FREE (no obligation) 15 minute phone consultation.

What is an Evidence-Based Nutritionist?

Evidence-based practice is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of correct best empirical evidence when making decisions about how to practice when providing information and care for clients/patients. This best evidence should be combined with practitioner expertise and should consider the characteristics, state, needs, values and preferences of those who will be affected. (MNU 2016)

In short, this means when we advise you, we will be using the best research available combined with our own expertise as Nutritionists and our advice will be unique to your particular needs.

The Surrey Nutritionist's Core Values

Our practice is based on our core values, inline with the values of my qualification with MacNutritionUni:

  • Integrity – our adherence to strong moral principles, soundness and completeness.
  • Wisdom – the combination of our experience, knowledge and careful judgement.
  • Confidence – our freedom from doubt; belief in ourselves and our abilities.

The man who grasps principles can successfully handle his own methods.
The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.

The famous philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.